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Resources for Near Eastern Dance and Music

The following pages started for my personal information, but I thought I would post what information I have collected as a service to the Near Eastern Dance and Music community. The lists are frequently expanding and are never meant to be comprehensive. If you have a listing you wish added, feel free to email your information to Amanda (and submit to the challenge of the Spaminator), but please don't be upset if I don't respond or post the information immediately. This information repository is an open-ended, when-I-have-time project. In addition, the lists focus primarily on the SF Bay Area, with some other areas included only as suits my whims. --AB

  Dance Links - Dancers, Troupes, Musicians, and more

  Music and Video Recommendations   (work in progress)

  Recurring Near Eastern Dance and Music Events

  Restaurants and Other Venues for Near Eastern Dance and Music

  Studios and Dance Spaces in the SF Bay Area

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