Amanda ~ Dancer
Performance and Instruction of Near
Eastern Dance

photo by Michael Baxter

Specializing in American Cabaret-style Bellydance and Turkish dance styles, including Oryantal, Romani, and folk dance. Accomplished in Oriental, folkloric, and classical dance styles from throughout the Near Eastern world -- from North Africa to the Levant, from Turkey to Central Asia.

Amanda strives to bring joy, expressiveness, and elegance to her dancing, to understand and interpret the glorious and diverse music of the Near East, and to show respect for the cultures from which these dances originate. 

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Wishing you good health and a positive outlook.
If things start getting too overwhelming,
put on some music and DANCE!

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"Amanda's dancing was very musical and portrayed the music beautifully!"
-- Gilded Serpent, 4/06

Amanda - photo by Michael Baxter

Amanda has studied a wide range of dance styles including...

  • American Bellydance
  • Tansi Oryantal (Bellydance/Oriental Dance) and Romani ("Gypsy") dance from Turkey 
  • raqs sharki (Bellydance/Oriental Dance) and raqs baladi (traditional dance) from Egypt 
  • Dabke from Lebanon
  • folk dances from Turkey, Armenia, and Greece 
  • women's Khaliji dance from the Arabian peninsula
  • traditional dances from Armenia, Iran, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Uzbekistan 
  • Shikhat dance from Morocco
  • Berber dances from Algeria 
  • Tunisian dance
  • and from the Western world: classical ballet, jazz, and vintage ballroom dance

photo by Michael Baxter

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